Some of Our Previous Work

The following are collections of some of our previous work and reviews our customers have left for us on The Net.
Click on any image to view a larger version.
If you see anything you like then take a note of the image reference number (e.g. BA001) and let us know this reference when you contact us.

Before And After

BA001 - Before
BA001 - After
BA002 - Before
BA002 - After
Stella (wrote): Thorough work, carefully undertaken, all debris cleared and removed, Garden has been completely restored, I would recommend to friends and family.
Stars rating
BA003 - Before
BA003 - After
BA004 - Before
BA004 - After
John (wrote): Friendly co-operative service, promptness, reasonable Fee, tidy, would recommend to friends and family.
Stars rating
BA005 - Before
BA005 - After
BA006 - Before
BA006 - After
Charlotte Foot (wrote): Quality of service and the amount of work you got done on your visit,competitive rates, gardening services for us is a luxury, however reasonable rates mean it is a manageable outgoing each month. Over the Autumn/Winter friends have commented on how tidy and good our lawns and garden look, would recommend.
Stars rating
BA007 - Before
BA007 - After
BA008 - Before
BA008 - After
Jean (wrote): I would recommend you to friends and family, you are prepared to do all types of gardening,
Stars rating
BA009 - Before
BA009 - After
BA010 - Before
BA010 - After
Mr & Mrs Phillips (wrote): Reliable service ensures all jobs in garden are attended to along with on-going planting, advice and action, open to suggestions and requests, will put in fence panels and other garden jobs like building wooden compost bin, we recommended you to friends and family, and some have already started using your services.
Stars rating
BA011 - Before
BA011 - After
BA012 - Before
BA012 - After
Mrs Waters (wrote): You were recommended by a friend, always punctual and polite and gets on with things.
Stars rating
BA013 - Before
BA013 - After
BA014 - Before
BA014 - After
Joyce & Tony (wrote): You worked out a plan of action for your next visit and then carry it out, offer up helpful suggestions in order to improve the garden, i would certainly recommend you without hesitation to friends and family.
Stars rating
BA015 - Before
BA015 - After
BA016 - Before
BA016 - After
Carla (wrote): What i like about the services you provide are that you communicate well whilst job is ongoing regardless of how it is going, turn up when you say you will, yes i would recommend you to friends and family.
Stars rating
BA017 - Before
BA017 - After
BA018 - Before
BA018 - After
Bobbie (wrote): Hard working, Good work, Regular maintenance, would recommend to friends as well as family, very professional.
Stars rating
BA019 - Before
BA019 - After
BA020 - Before
BA020 - After
John Hutt (wrote): Your company is very reliable, would recommend with no reservations, 10 plus.
Stars rating
BA021 - Before
BA021 - After
BA022 - Before
BA022 - After
Mr Lawson (wrote): The boys are GREAT at what they do.
Stars rating
BA023 - Before
BA023 - After
BA024 - Before
BA024 - After
BA025 - Before
BA025 - After
BA026 - Before
BA026 - After
BA027 - Before
BA027 - After
BA028 - Before
BA028 - After
BA029 - Before
BA029 - After
BA030 - Before
BA030 - After
BA031 - Before
BA031 - After
BA032 - Before
BA032 - After
BA033 - Before
BA033 - After
BA034 - Before
BA034 - After
BA035 - Before
BA035 - After
BA036 - Before
BA036 - After
BA037 - Before
BA037 - After
BA038 - Before
BA038 - After
BA039 - Before
BA039 - After
BA040 - Before
BA040 - After
BA041 - Before
BA041 - After
BA042 - Before
BA042 - After
BA043 - Before
BA043 - After
BA044 - Before
BA044 - After
BA045 - Before
BA045 - After
BA046 - Before
BA046 - After
BA047 - Before
BA047 - After
BA048 - Before
BA048 - After
BA049 - Before
BA049 - After

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